October 8th Post 1

Today, we worked on making paper maquettes of our sculpture ideas. First, Forrest showed us the paper maquette that he had created for his larger metal dandelion sculpture that incorporated tubed for solitary bees. To get a feel for constructing paper sculptures, I first created a flower with 3-D elements that made me move from thinking about paper as two-dimensional, to something that could be folded and arranged to make a three-dimensional object.


After I completed the flower, I decided to try and create one of the concepts that I had drawn out previously: the bee beard. The way I imagined it was as an old man whose beard was entirely made of tubes for bees. While I was constructing it, I realized that for the bee tubes to function, they needed to be a certain length, about eight inches. This would mean that my old man would have a beard that would jut out eight inches from his face. Sadly, I had came to terms with the fact that my “buzz-stache” was not meant to “bee.”


At the end of the session, Abby showed us how the laser-cutter worked, and it was very cool. Hopefully I can learn how to use that tool and incorporate fun laser-cut shapes into my design.