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Yesterday was the fourth build session of the Spring Maker in Residence program. This week Donovan discussed how the students can finalize their puppets with materials such as paint, fabrics, and other creative coverings.  IMG_4425 copy

Each student grabbed tubes of acrylic paint and starting adding color to their puppets and masks. Their creations are now not only coming to life, but are starting to have character and personalities.

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There is only one more build session left. This will be the last chance for the students  to wrap up their projects and get them ready for the main event! IMG_4432 copy

On April 7th the students will join Donovan as he performs and then presents each of their pieces at Historic Playmakers Theater on UNC’s Campus. It starts at 3:30pm and is part of the festive Arts Everywhere Day that is  UNC’s first annual campus-wide arts celebration. I hope we see you there!!!!