Zac’s Blog 1

Waking up last saturday was not particularly enjoyable. I walked out of my suite and it was cold and dark. Rain is one of my least favorite things so I was really was not to happy when I came to the realization that I would be making the 15 minute walk to the makerspace in this rain. There was nothing I could so I made the journey getting drenched as I made it there. I did not enjoy the fact that my socks were soaked by the time I got there but when I made it the makerspace my mood changed. I really enjoy being able to take some time out of my day to learn some new things and build. This week we worked on building paper models of our sculptures. I modeled my sculpture partially off of forest’s flower design but with some elements of my own:


The first piece I created was the tube where the actually bee nest would be held. I cut the top but would go on to change that later.


I then begin to cut out the “petals” for the flower. I used two different templates for the petals and cut them each out a little differently to retain an organic nature to the sculpture.


After all of the petal were cut out, I taped them to the tube and the flower began to come together.


I decided to make model bees that would appear to fly around the flower just as bees in real life do. On the real sculpture, I envision these bees being on springs and hopefully they will move with the wind.


I decided to add a second flower around the ring of the tube because I felt this design looked a lot better than what I had before. For my final sculpture, I would like to find a way to make this piece spin to give the sculpture some life rather than having it be a static piece.


The final product!


Blog post 2

This weeks build session was  far better than the last considering I was not soaking wet when I arrived at the MakerSpace. The weather was a pleasant surprise from last week’s hurricane. We began our session at the community garden where we learned about the garden itself and discussed possible locations for the sculptures. I found the 3 bee hives on the property particularly interesting. I do not believe I have ever actually seen a beehive in person so it was a new and exciting experience. Following our little field trip, we return to the MakerSpace and began the work on our actual sculptures. Cutting the metal we used did prove difficult, but it with a little hard work, most shapes were not too difficult to cut out. I definitely have a lot to do for the sculpture, but this last session was a really good start. Below are some pictures showcasing my work so far.

These are some of the pieces I cut out the the red tool in the background are the tinsnips we were using to cut the metal


Here you can see another piece I cut out, It would go on to become the center of the sculpture.


Here you can a picture of the nesting tubes as well as the pieces of my mockup that I began to take apart to begin the construction of the actual sculpture.


Here is another picture of some more of the pieces that I cut out for the sculpture.


A few more of the pieces


There definitely was a lot of progress made this week and I look forward to seeing where this project goes.