Our Fall 2016 Maker-in-Residence got off to a great start! Our participants met on Saturday, Oct. 1st for the first time and we dove right in. Forrest introduced the project and had the participants brainstorm for their projects. Later we were visited by Elsa Youngsteadt, an entomologist research associate at NC State University, who gave an excellent presentation on native bees, their ecological role, how to recognize different species, and how our nest-sculptures can cater to specific species as efficiently and healthily as possible. For the second half of the session, the participants built a prototype of a simple nesting unit that Forrest had modified for the project.

Drilling holes for the habitats


After the session, Forrest and a few of the participants visited the NC Botanical Gardens just down the road, where Forrest gave them tours of the “Birds as Art” and “Sculpture IN The Garden” exhibits. We plan to visit the Gardens again on the 15th of October, so that any of the participants who missed this first trip can go. That’s a wrap on Week 1!