Kaja Coraor

After a semester of hard work, we were finally able to point the Starry Night Telescope at the skies! During our first skywatching session at the Morehead Planetarium, hundreds of people stopped by the sundial to see gorgeous views of the moon and stars. The telescope functioned perfectly despite the cold weather before heading off to its new home in the Kenan Science Library.
Students gather around the telescope as Jim Pressley points out the Andromeda Galaxy

Soon, any UNC affiliate will be able to check out the telescope from the Kenan Science Library! One great place to use it is at Morehead’s monthly skywatching sessions at Jordan Lake. During the January event, the Starry Night Telescope was brought out by two UNC students. Amongst dozens of spectacular scopes, ours stood out and was used by so many people! During the night, we looked at the Andromeda Galaxy, the double cluster, and Orion’s nebula.
Picture 2
Jewell Brey sets up the telescope before the sun sets

During the upcoming months, our telescope will continue to be available to the UNC community. On the evening of March 3rd, our telescope will be out at the Morehead sundial- join us for a free planetarium show and to look at the skies yourself!

To keep up with the UNC telescope or to be part of BEAM’s future projects, keep reading MakNet’s blog and check out BeAM’s website. Through the UNC makerspaces, you can be a maker too!